Liberty Village Tours

Liberty Village Tours With Cravin Foodies!

These tours are our most iconic. They’re full of history in every direction and worth a visit from any local or tourist in town. Liberty Village is founded in one of Toronto’s oldest settlements. Fort York was established over 220 years ago by British military and as it grew, the neighborhood became an industrialized zone; cut off from the rest of the city.

Liberty Village Tours With Cravin Foodies

As a heavily industrial area, the residents were faced with more shops than homes for a number of years. But in the 20th century, the city, in partnership with the various businesses of the neighborhood, began to redesign and rebuild a more local-friendly township. Today, the life of Liberty Village is packed with shops, restaurants and condominiums in every corner. Within the busy streets, are hidden landmarks that give us a reminder of a time when this area was nothing more than a strip of factories.

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There are a wide variety of restaurants and stores, hosting well over 80 unique locations to visit across the neighborhood. With a focus on Toronto culture, you’ll find the pride of our city is evident in every stop and shop around.

Our locals and tourists take part in various daily activities throughout Liberty Village, and we want to take you on a tour to see the beauty that this part of Toronto has to offer.   We’ll start with a quick trip to Balzac’s, one of the most iconic cafes in Liberty Village, and move on through to Maizal, where we will taste one of their featured items unique to that restaurant. As we take a walk through the historical area of the village, we’ll stop at Thai Room for an authentic dish,  and we’ll end our tour at William’s Landing, where we will enjoy a final taste of of their most requested menu items while enjoying the view of the area. Book a Cravin Foodies Tour in Liberty Village and take in the sights, sounds, and tastes of this historic land with us! (Restaurants are subject to change)


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