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One of Toronto’s most popular spots, for tourists and locals alike, rests on the beaches at Toronto’s Harbourfront. With one of the longest stretches of waterfront activities; spanning 46 kilometers (and expanding!) the Harbourfront life is bustling with enthusiasm and cultural extravagance.

walk a guided tour to visit and taste some unique dishes with Cravin Foodies

The Harbourfront Center, located in the neighborhood, hosts thousands of events year-round that range from musical, to theatrical, to visual in every way. Take part in interactive activities throughout the four seasons- as Harbourfront never shuts down for bad weather.

enjoy it than with friends on a Cravin Foodies Tour

With all the buzz related to the life of the people, it’s important to remember why we’re here. Cravin Foodies wants to show you what Harbourfront has to offer when it comes to the menu. With over 30 local restaurants to choose from, we will walk a guided tour to visit and taste some unique dishes, inspired by the history and beauty of Toronto’s waterfront. With food so delectable, what better way to enjoy it than with friends on a Cravin Foodies Tour?

We’ll start with a treat at Touti Gelati to get the taste buds rolling, and move on to the iconic Amsterdam Brewery where we will try a featured item off their impressive menu. After a beautiful walk through the waterfront scenery, we will visit the Radisson Admiral Hotel or Boxcar Social for a delectable bite and head to Pie as our final stop. (Substitutions subject to change)


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