Experience The Taste of Toronto’s Finest Foods Through Cravin Foodies Tours!

Our mission is to bring people closer together through eating some of the most delicious meals in the city of Toronto. Whether you’re local or visiting Toronto for a few days, take a tour of our beautiful sites, learn about the history and architecture that made this city such a popular location to visit, eat incredible food from our exclusive partner restaurants and share the experience with other food enthusiasts just like you!

At Cravin Foodies, we care about what you eat and what you learn. We want your tour to be unique and your experience to be exceptional! We’ll take you through our most celebrated and most diverse communities to give you a taste of the cultures we share in our great city as well as a background in the traditions of our buildings, restaurants and tourist attractions nearby.

Taste of Toronto's Finest Foods Through Cravin Foodies Tours!

Who we are…

We are food enthusiasts, city explorers and passionate people looking to share the best food experience we can with people like you!From every corner of the city, we’re scouting for delicious spots to eat and seeking all sorts of diverse dishes that Toronto has to offer. Laugh, share, and socialize with us while we take you on some incredible walking tours in the city!

Meet our Cravin Food Guides, who do their best to make the experience an incredible memory. From sharing unique historical tidbits, to setting the mood for an incredible lunch or dinner, our Food Guides want the best experience for each new foodie to walk along the path with them.

What we do…

We do the hard work; so you can eat well and have fun. Searching for the best restaurants in the city, we taste all that we can, and put tours together for you to easily enjoy a great lunch or dinner you don’t have to cook yourself.

We dig deep into Toronto’s cultural history and learn about all sorts of special monuments and locations, we do this to help share the history of this wonderful city with everyone who joins us. Not only do we walk you through impressive sights, but we’ll tell you what greatness lies around each corner and how Toronto became such a great city to be a part of! 

What to expect…

Liberty Village Tours
When you book a tour to Liberty Village, you’ll be greeted by one of our Food Guides in uniform at the incredible Balzac’s Cafè, where you will enjoy a unique treat and start your tour. Guided through the serene and historic streets of the village, your Food Guide will talk you through the facts that make up the wonderful Liberty Village area. Along your tour, you’ll stop along 4 separate locations and indulge in savory and sweet concoctions tailored to your tour. Tickle the taste buds and blow your mind with these delicious treats we have lined up for you to try!

Harbourfront Tours
When you book a tour to Harbourfront, you’ll be greeted by one of our Food Guides in uniform at the entrance to the amazing Tutti Gelati where you’ll start your tour on a sweet note. The walk gets sweeter as you progress, visiting 4 locations and sampling some of Harbourfront’s most delicious offerings. Grab your camera, because the scenic and historical walk is bound to get you some beautiful pictures along with a very happy belly. Your Food Guide will talk you through the culture that makes up the waterfront, in hopes each and every person will see the grand expansion that makes up Toronto’s harbourfront.

Torontos number one food tour experience from Cravin Foodies


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